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Homeboy Sandman w/ Zetetics & Strangelove

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Homeboy Sandman is a musician. His genre is hip-hop. An emcee that prides himself on musical growth and evolution, he has adopted as his motto and creative mission statement, “Boy Sand like you’ve never seen him before. As usual.”

Raised in Queens NY, he writes regularly for The Huffington Post, and Gawker. Before signing to Stones Throw he’d already been chosen as a coach on MTV’s MADE, featured in preeminent print hip-hop rags XXL and The Source, and perpetually championed on foremost online hubs. And since the signing, his accolades have extended beyond the realm of the hip hop specific. Rolling Stone has noted his “skill for wordplay that keeps you hooked.” NPR has highlighted his “artful, hysterical, disobedient hip-hop that you can dance to.” Pitchfork has straightforwardly dubbed him “one of the best pure lyricists around.”

Check out his most recent collab with AESOP ROCK:


Zetetics is a four-piece experimental hip hop group resulting from the creative fusion of rapper/lyricist Amani Fela and instrumental musicians Phil Mcneal, Jacob Sunshine and Blott Shorman. They met in early 2015 and have been performing and recording since, generally having a good and chill time. Their debut single “Antebody” was released in September, available now on soundcloud and bandcamp.


Strangelove is a rapper based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a member of the Budo Kiba collective, and frequently has residencies at the venue Palisades. His flow, as you will soon see, is as raw as it is fresh: