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Terrace F. Club is one of the eleven extant eating clubs at Princeton University. We provide scrumptious meals, social events, live music performances, and a warm, accepting community to our members and guests. Our membership is non-selective – any sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student at Princeton can choose to sign into our club. Terrace is known for its excellent meals, including many vegetarian and vegan options, as well as for its commitment to environmental sustainability.

We are also known for our rockin’ shows including performances by Yo La Tengo, Disco Biscuits, GWAR, Elliott Smith, Run DMC, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, Vampire Weekend, Girl Talk, GZA, Immortal Technique, Cut Chemist and more!

Founded in 1904, Terrace relocated to its current residence at 62 Washington Road in 1906. The clubhouse has a long and storied history, including a major architectural overhaul and two fires. We even have a Wikipedia entry!

Terrace has a unique culture and style of its own. Some common nicknames for Terrace include “the Mother”, “Mother Terrace”, “the Womb”, and “the Future.” Club members refer to each other as Terrans. Our club motto is FOOD=LOVE, a motto created by chef emeritus extraordinaire Barton Rouse.