Food, Love, and Sustainability

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Love, the Environment, and our Community

A major part of our club philosophy is treating our community and our environment with love and respect. To that end, Terrace has taken significant steps in the long process of becoming more sustainable, eco-friendly, and generally mindful of others. Here’s a list of our current accomplishments.

1. We replaced the disposable plastic cups used by every other club on the street with bigger reusable cups in the taproom, significantly reducing waste. The Greening the Street task force estimates that the eating clubs waste 12,000 cups each week! Our move earned us praise from the Daily Princetonian editorial board.  Incidentally, Tower promised to institute a similar policy almost a year ago, but we haven’t seen any changes since then…

2. We purchase seasonal produce and meat from local farms whenever possible, to support the local economy and become more sustainable.

3. We also purchased larger coffee mugs to decrease the number of paper cups used in the kitchen.

4. In 2007, we replaced all the lightbulbs in the house with CFLs.

5. We also led the way by becoming one of the few clubs to offer health insurance to all our kitchen staff. Check out the Daily Princetonian article for more details.

6. Every year we run a members charity event called Dare to Care, which usually raises several thousand dollars. This year’s proceeds went to Isles, a Trenton based housing organization.

7. At each meal we offer vegetarian and vegan options to support the decisions of those who choose not to eat meat.