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Please support the Terrace Future Campaign! 

The Terrace Future Campaign is intended to raise the money needed to renovate and modestly expand the clubhouse to ensure that Terrace Club can continue to thrive for generations to come. Changes are being considered that are designed to enhance the functionality of the Club and maintain its unique spirit and character. Preliminary concept drawings for potential clubhouse improvements are shown below. We are currently examining estimated construction and related costs, including the establishment of a modest reserve that can be used for future capital projects and contingencies. In addition, we are carefully assessing our capacity to raise alumni contributions so that we can set an appropriate fund-raising target. We need volunteers from all eras to help with various facets of the Campaign. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please send an e-mail to volunteer@terracefuture.org.


View Current Draft of Concept Drawings (updated 5/20/2013)

Information on Donating

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation, please make your check payable to Princeton Prospect Foundation – Terrace Club Account, and send it to Terrace Club Business Office, 62 Washington Road, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Alternatively, you can click here to make a donation on-line.