Land Acknowledgement

Terrace F. Club is located at 62 Washington Road in Princeton, New Jersey. As Terrans, we acknowledge that the land of our building is part of the traditional homeland of the Lenni-Lenape peoples. The Lenni-Lenape are a plurality of peoples, including the groups now known as the Lenape, Delaware, and Munsee; speakers of the Umami languages; and other Indigenous groups whom historically made their home throughout the region we now call the Delaware Valley.


We honor and respect the Lenni-Lenape and others whom came before us as stewards of the land on which Terrace lives. We seek to remember the past, including both the rich lives that Lenni-Lenape people led prior to the arrival of foreign settlers, and the history of colonial oppression of the Lenni-Lenape through murder, defrauding, and forcible displacement of their people.


We recognize, support, and advocate for the Indigenous people living in our community today. We work against the institutional racism and discrimination that they regularly face. We seek to understand and celebrate Indigenous peoples’ cultural heritages and to build better relationships with the Indigenous people who share our home.


We strive to build a better future in which Indigenous and non-Native peoples may live happily together. To this end, Terrace Club is committed to supporting Indigenous organizations, charities, political change movements, and artists and fighting for Indigenous representation and rights. Education of our membership through local initiatives, such as inviting speakers and offering workshops, is included in our commitment to social justice.