As I sat on the chunky bar stools in the taproom last Fine Beer Wednesday, I was asked,

“So how many years ago does November feel like?”

I chuckled. Years indeed. Decades maybe? When I was elected in the fall, the Future Dome loomed stoically despite its weathered bones; the sun bled into a hazy purple minutes before Esvin brought out the bread. I’m sure you all have your own stories of what happens next, so dive in. My name is Liz, and I am beyond honored to share with you, as president, 2018’s Terrace F. Club.

Even in the midst of Princeton’s political and institutional change, Mother T has remained rebellious, resilient, and, of course, religiously disobedient. The clinking of quarters rings vigorously through the Lower Dining Room, the Balls Room is bustling yet tensely silent with all eyes on the table, and the dance floor pulses with the flow of Terrans and non-Terrans alike. The ding of 4C calls for hungry stomachs and tired eyes.

Terrace continues to be a haven for us. Her creaky stairs, hazy windows, and vivacious walls pull in those who seek liberation from the confines of our rigid existence and gifts us, again and again, with a place of brazen honesty. We’ve painted the Green Room door, attempted to upgrade our technology with a set of Sonos speakers in the Main Dining Room (the house isn’t quite attuned to this new digital age just yet), and took in a number of lost couches from Craigslist to spice up the Solarium. Meanwhile, five months have passed since last November and the sun (finally) shines. I admire the senior Terrans we are sending off, soon to populate the world with their own magic. I am inspired by the new sophomore class and their youth, already embracing the Toadstool life and hastily scrounging for cups during a late night of duty. But mostly, I am humbled by the joy that Terrace brings, the love that it fosters, and the memories we make because of it all. There is no other place like this—a home away from all our homes. I will lift as many tables and chairs as I need to keep us marching on.

Liz Yu ’19

PS I look forward meeting many of you during the chaos that is Reunions!!!

2018 TFC Undergraduate Officers

The 2018 Undergraduate Officers are inseparable. From left to right: Alexus Fraser, Madeleine Le Cesne, Lillian Wilkins, Ben Miller, Ryan Hileman, and Liz Yu