Humans waste a third of their food. If all Americans without good access to food lived in the same place, it would be the biggest city in the country. Even on college campuses, hunger is a real problem: one in four students has trouble getting enough to eat each day.

As an eating club, Terrace has always cared about food. Chef Barton Rouse took it to a new level in the 1980s when he coined Food = Love. Faced with all the hunger and hate in the world, that motto means something to us, and we think it means something to Terrans like you too.

So what are we doing about it?

About a decade ago, some members decided we weren’t making the best use of our leftovers and created Fourth Course—a repurposing of food to be shared by the late evening crowd at Terrace.

More recently, we led the campus in proper composting, hauling scraps to a recycled food use facility. Most days you can find chef Emanuel Gonzalez picking fresh herbs from the greenhouse in our backyard.

While Princeton is very generous with financial aid, it’s not enough to cover the full cost of an eating club. Therefore Terrace has been investing more and more each year in financial aid. Let’s not let the cost of an eating club be a reason not to join Terrace. Alumni donations are critical to ensuring the Terrace experience is accessible to all. Please join us in supporting our club:

After graduation, our fellow alumni are doing their part to feed the world. Here are a few examples:

  • Karen Sabbath ’86 farms and manages education programs for Rainbeau Ridge, a sustainable farm in New York.
  • Nancy Curby ’88 is a senior executive at Feeding America, the nationwide network of food banks.
  • Matt Sussman ’09 now has two restaurants in Chicago: Table, Donkey and Stick and Danke.
  • Jeremy Chan ’10 just won a Michelin star for his new London restaurant Ikoyi.
  • Chris St. John ’15 just opened Capulet in New Orleans.

How does Food = Love live on for you?

We’d love to hear from you, whether it’s throwing regular dinner parties, cooking for your kids in some Terrace way, or feeding the social cohesion enabled by sharing food together. And when you’re back on campus, drop by for a little food and love.

Alexander Shermansong ’97 & Steve Krebs
Board Chair                                   General Manager

PS If you want to learn more about what Food = Love meant to Barton, take a look at “Eating Ivy,” an article Lisa Harper ’88 wrote about him in Gastronomica. And perhaps be thankful our motto isn’t one of Barton’s other favorite lines “garnish till you drop.”

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