Brian E. Cooper ’68 Memorial in Princeton Alumni Weekly

Lewis S. Coonley, Jr. ’68 Memorial in Princeton Alumni Weekly

Dick Weiseger ’68 Practiced medicine in San Francisco. Held Princeton’s high jump record for many years on varsity track.

Arthur H. Runk, Sr. ’43 Served in the US Navy during WWII. Lived most of his adult life in St. Augustine, FL, where he served as mayor from 1973–75.

Eugene F. Corrigan, Esq. ’47 First executive director of the Multistate Tax Commission.

Jerry A. Shroder ’47 Leader in advocating for racial integration at Princeton during his undergraduate years. (Princeton’s first African-American students arrived on campus in the fall of 1949.)

Edmund F. Baxter, Jr. ’53 Chemical engineer in the oil and gas industry. Active in his Roman Catholic church in Dallas, TX, and worked at a bookstore after retiring from corporate career.

Lincoln P. Brower, PhD ’53 Entomologist and ecologist who was considered one of the world’s foremost experts on the monarch butterfly.

Richard Franklin Moss ’54 Resident of Ridgewood, NJ.

L.S. (Jerry) Kurtz, Jr. ’56 Practiced law in Anchorage, AK; the Alaska Supreme Court’s first clerk upon its inception in 1959. Hobbies included playing trumpet and flying his airplane.

Jerome J. Sussman ’56 Practiced entertainment law in New York and Los Angeles.

John A. Zoltewicz, PhD ’57 Professor of chemistry at the University of Florida for 40 years. Active in his church in Gainesville, FL, and volunteered at the local public library.

Winfield W. Foster ’58 Practiced law in San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA. Attended his 60th Princeton Reunion shortly before his passing.

Alan D. Romberg ’60 Veteran of the US Navy. Expert on US–China relations who worked for the State Department and later the Stimson Center.

Gerald W. O’Neill ’61 Resident of West Chester, PA.

Douglas F. Bauer ’64 Practiced corporate law in New York before retiring to Princeton/Lawrenceville. Bibliophile and collector of rare books. Mr. Bauer and his husband, Louis Rossi, were the first same-sex couple to be married in Lawrence Township, NJ.

Stephen C. Masters ’64 Served in US Army Reserve. Worked in banking and communications consulting in the Philadelphia area before retiring to Maine with his wife for the last 15 years.

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