Reunions is a special time for Princeton alumni to relive some of their best years. While I like to think that the best years of our lives are yet to come, taking a much-needed break from the demanding, sobering schedule that adulthood brings is an invitation that few Princetonians refuse. Every spring, thousands of alumni return to their stomping grounds—known to many as the beloved “Orange Bubble”—to reconnect with old friends, stroll down Nassau or Prospect Street and immerse themselves in a happy nostalgia. Even those mildly interested in Princeton traditions feel the urge to cheer on fellow Tigers during the P-rade, watch the resplendent fireworks color the evening sky with gorgeous glitter, and soak in all of the positives that Princeton has to offer. For a weekend each year, we get to trade in our normal attire for all things orange and black, cheer for Old Nassau and commemorate some of our prime years.

Here at Terrace, the fierce pride may not always be so apparent, but the love is ever-present, in its usual laid-back, über-chill form. This past Reunions saw alumni live out our cherished motto, Food = Love. As is customary, attendees enjoyed both in spades. The weekend started off with a round of thoughtful discussions that focused on personal initiative in the wake of sweeping political and sociocultural change, as well as the #MeToo movement’s presence on Princeton campus. TFC alumni also read from their forthcoming books. Live music from the likes of Arc, Bombrasstico, Sensemaya, Golden Record, and many other bands provided a relaxing ambiance for some, while others enthusiastically danced on the lawn until sunrise. Alumni, current students, and guests all intermingled, comfortably posting themselves throughout the house and swapping postgrad stories. Reunions weekend at Terrace wrapped up quietly, and Terrans dropped by the eating club one last time for bagels and heartfelt goodbyes.

So what’s in store for next year’s Reunions? Lots. Food, drink and music will still be the core experience, but we’re making a few changes. We’re trading in the Teach-In for a Taste-In. We’re looking for heavy hitters in the culinary industry to talk about gastronomy, culinary theory, and food sustainability. Keeping with our motto Food = Love, we’ll have food samples for attendees.

We’re also trying our hand as art patrons (not Medici-style, however, so no need to worry about strong-arm tactics). Terrace will fund an art installation, created by Terrans for Terrans, that must be completed by Reunions 2019. Anyone interested in pitching an idea for an installation or learning more about this opportunity should contact me at

We’re looking forward to creating a spectacular Reunions, Terrace-style. We hope you’re ready.

Food = Love,
Uzo Ehi ’13
TFC Reunions Chair

Keep an eye out for information about Reunions 2019 starting in February.